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    I set up a backup host 2 weeks ago. Thought it would only be active when my primary host was offline for some reason, but that doesn't seem to be the case. What I'm finding is that the backup host is getting 40% of my traffic. Is this tipical for a backup host?

    My DNS is set like so:


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    That's very interesting. I don't know everything about dns but I thought it depended on which gave the fastest answer. Example if you main host is in New York and your back up is in California a customer from the west coast should get a quicker answer from cali than from New York.

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    Congratulations on setting up a load balancing system without even knowing it

    Actually, the best way I've found to protect yourself from a server being down is the following:

    NS settings for the domain name:

    On server 1 and 2, you set up DNS so the when a query arrives for the website's domain, you answer with the local IP # for that webserver.

    SO if someone makes a request for your website, and the DNS query goes to server 1, then that server will end up serving the page. Likewise server 2.

    If either server 1 or 2 disappears off the net (maybe due to someone putting a backhoe through a fibre optic cable), all NS queries go to the other machine which says the website is on the same server.

    So that way, the only traffic you lose is from ISP's who have cached your websites IP #. Fresh traffic will not notice the outage.

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