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    What is the process that one would go through to sell a site?
    How do you transfer the domain name?
    How do you transfer hosting?
    How do you transfer ownership?
    I have a sight getting about 4000 uniques per month that I have no interest in any more.

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    If the site is worth more than around 10,000 or so, I'd use as part of the process. Otherwise, just wait until the Paypal $ shows up in your account, then change the DNS nameservers to the new owner's DNS. Domain name can be transfered free to the new owner at most registrars. THen Email the new owner a zip of all the files used on the site. That's about it.
    Also, I'd stay away from selling it on eBay. GO to webmaster related forums like Site Point and Domain Name Forum
    and read some of the posts there from folks selling sites. Be sure to do a search on prior posts for the person buying your site to see if they are reputable.
    Oh, and I may be interested in the site if the price is right. Why not post details here at ABW?

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    Here is the procedure to transfer the domain name. Although its from one of the web hosts but same procedure applies while transferring the domain.

    You can find the answer of some other questions as well.
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    far far away....
    transfering ownership of a website is like selling a car... once you give up control you don't own anylonger....

    1&gt; get paid
    2&gt; give access info for hosting account to new owner
    3&gt; push domain name in to their account at registar
    4&gt; answer any questions new owner may have...
    5. done!

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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