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    I'm wondering what people think of the strategy behind registering domain names which are fun as opposed to the more practical.

    Assuming that one-word domain names are unavailable (i.e. "", an ideal alternative name might be "" or "" or something similar. Because targeted key words are in the domain, such a site could place well in the search engines.

    On the other hand, a cute name such as " or "" would probably be easier to remember, and customers would be less likely to confuse it with a competitor (unlike confusion between and

    Any thoughts?

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    i am sure thier is some truth to domain names being benificial in search engine rankings.

    However, I have many domains and the ones that are hyphenated do NOT perform as well for me in the SE's.

    I still buy domains that are hyphenated but only for domains that i do not care if they return. For me it depends on the image i want the site to have.

    Are you planning to register ?

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    January 17th, 2005
    I normally do not buy the hyphenated domain name unless I can also get the same name without the hyphen.

    The hyphenated version will come up good in the search engines. You can have the domain without the hyphen redirect to the other one.

    Rugorama sounds great .. however, I would also get Rug-o-Rama for the sake of the search engines .. then get domain name redirect with masking for Rugorama.

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    Ah, to brand or not to brand, that is the question. Some friends and I have had a real debate about this one. Branding definetly has some benefit... Google, Yahoo, come on there has to be something there. But, type in traffic has some benefit to. Guess it depends on the keywords being targeted to some degree.

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    My most successful site has dreadful branding, I went for something keywordy which I swear no longer makes a difference to search engine results.

    My advice is to go for something brandable. Rugzilla is a good example.
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