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    January 17th, 2005
    I'm wondering how to estimate the price of a domain name so I can sell it. My site currently gets over 2000 hits a day during the week, but I'm not making that much money through affiliate links or by selling advertising on it. My site is also "seasonal" so the hits could go up or down during the course of time. I have no idea how much the site is worth. Can anyone help?



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    Price odf a domain depends on several factors...

    1> uniqueness of the domain.. is it memerable
    2> how much money does it earn
    3> is the listed in the SEs
    4> are you being made an offer?

    in genera; most domains are worth 30 or 4o dollars. On rare occasions a domain will fetch a hefty price usually because some wants it and is will to pay for it...

    dont be fooled by the domain appraisal services that tell you a domain is wortj 1000's when the market will give $5.

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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    I posted a reply once before but it must have gotten stuck on the old forum. Anyway, my site is listed well in Google and Yahoo and has the potential to be of interest to hotels, media outlets, and perhaps some other organizations. Because it is a good potential source of revenue, and because of its visibility within its field, I think that I could get 4 figures for it - though I have little expertise in this area of appraisal. I am not looking for a windfall here, but I want to get a decent price and be assured that it actually sells.

    I am now wondering about selling the domain on eBay. I read somewhere else that selling domains on eBay should be avoided, but I don't really know why. As long as I assure payment through paypal, I can transfer the nameservers easily enough. And I saw quite a few domains being sold when I browsed through eBay the other day. If anyone has sold domains before or could advise, I'd appreciate it.


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    I would suggest you go take a look at It'll help you get an idea of the price others are getting for their domain names based on traffic and other factors. You can also put your domain name up for sale there for a fixed price or take offers.

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    Whatever you do.....don't bother with the free domain appraisal services you can find with Google. I had an estimate done by three different services, and these were the appraisals.

    1) $35

    2) $300


    I offered the company that suggested $250,000 a steal of a deal for $50,000.

    They declined my kind offer.

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    I have one domain name that is not for sale (yet) but, for $10,000,000,00 {Ten Million Dollars} I might think about it. No, it's not a top listed site but, just the name alone is priceless, especially for a new search engine or the biggest shopping mall around.

    Just think about this for a moment: If someone paid thousands of dollars for an old ham & cheese sandwich and $7Mill for, then it's possible for someone with a lot of money to own the best name dot com on this planet for only 10 millions dollars.

    A few people around here already know the name of that domain name, but until I think it's the right time and unless I decide to post it on my sig, that domain name is not for sale.

    Yes to what you're thinking right now but, I am not stupid, I sure would like to have a few millions dollars on my account right now, but I also like to be able to brag about the special tag lines I have created with: (I own the

    The price of a new domain name: Only about $7.95 per year.
    The price of a high ranking site regardless of the domain name: Maybe a few Millions Dollars.
    The price of the 11letters dot com and the tag lines that can go along with it: Priceless.


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