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    When you choose the option to Disable Moe Money Maker, the setting doesn't "stick". For that one session, Moe Money Maker is disabled, but if you reboot your computer it starts stealing links again. Then, you have to "Enable" and then "Disable".

    Is anyone else seeing the same thing, or is something messed up with my installation?

    Michael Coley

    P.S. If you're wondering why I keep it installed, it's to watch for that "non-stealing" automatic update that's supposed to be coming.

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    You are correct, Michael. As soon as you reboot, it doesn't remember that it had been disabled. And I never got it completely disabled a second time.

    I'm glad you're keeping it installed in order to see when they eventually get it updated. That was my intentions too but I finally had to remove it two days ago because my computer started getting slower and slower.

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