View Poll Results: How much would you be willing to kick in to take ebates to court to stop them from overwriting your

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  • $10,000

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  • $1,000

    5 27.78%
  • $500

    1 5.56%
  • $50

    5 27.78%
  • at least $20 each month.

    7 38.89%
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    January 17th, 2005
    I started this thread over in midnight cafe:

    I'd like to know how much you'd be able to contribute to a court case to get an injuction to stop ebates from overwriting affilite codes. - Turns your search box into money.

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    pph Expert! Gordon's Avatar
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    January 18th, 2005
    Edmonton Canada
    I put my offer in months ago. I said I would donate a certain percentage of my commission every month. I have to do it this way as I am not a well off guy. well not till I retire [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

    Travel safe

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    January 17th, 2005
    Thanks Gordon. That's why I put that last option in the poll, cause I know others have expressed a similiar position. If that is what works for you, then that's what works for all of us. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img] - Turns your search box into money.

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    January 17th, 2005
    Just so people understand where I am coming from...

    For the course of action I want to see, we don't need to show financial damages. I just want an injunction on ebates that orders the disabling of the MMM "feature" to stop the practice of overwriting of affiliates codes by ebates software.

    To do this, I believe we do have ample proof. It only takes a cookie monitor and a video camera. You only need to show it happens ONE TIME. That's all. We don't have to worry about every possible case, because if it happens just once, then that is theft. It is shown their software CAN be used to commit theft and therefore they should be enjoined from distributing it and all copies should be recalled until it can be demonstrated that it does not.

    Compare to Napster... Yes, napster could have been used for totally legit. purposes. But the entertainment people only had to demonstrate one use of it to copy/send illegal copies of copyrighted works. That's all the court needed to shut them down.

    I believe this is the same situation. - Turns your search box into money.

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    January 17th, 2005
    If we all contribute what we can.

    We can build enough Money (probably more!) to get this going!

    We can all ease up our mind a little!

    to contribute what you can is more than anybody can ask for.

    also we can probably use the same method as our
    Shield for Future issue that we might encounter!

    To play in the battle field we need to be one step ahead at all times!

    Which we don't have any protection in anyway shape or form right now!

    But if we can get this going we can have some kind of protection!

    It's easy to make money doing the Internet Project like this and other project through the net to earn money without working outside your home!

    But how long would you all want to survive in this Business will need more than building your website and submit to search engine!

    If we start having an Affiliate Organize Group we can all earn something out of giving a little of our time and little change we have to make sure that we can protect our livelihood and it's up to all of us to get this going!

    We are not asking to give up all what you have!

    But I am sure that you can give something!

    For the sake of protecting our rights and have a fair chance on this Business without predators!

    I will continue to ask everyone (until they get sick of me asking!) :-)

    If asking all about this will make a difference I am willing to bug all of you!

    The more we don't do this the more this thieves are gonna step all over all of us!

    So pls to all let's do this and I believe that the outcome of this will be a great one for all!

    I do know a little bit about the "Labor of Union" and I know my right!

    If we can have this kind of Union for Affiliate Member we can all have the protection we need so no one can just step up and take advantage of people that just trying to work hard in an Honest way and be taken for granted!

    The Legal way will come for the Internet Business like us only if we all be one organize group!

    To whom that want to be part of this pls. Participate and you will be rewarded in a great feeling of making a difference in the right way!

    Love Life to the fullest. we only get ONE chance! :-)

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