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    Because I do not have computer to test it on and I finally have this one working right...

    When you install ebates software as part of a package of downloads, does it automatically start working? Or do you need to fill in some information to get your "rebate"?

    Does it notify you if you are not registered to register? Once? Often?


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    Very good question. I've mentioned this before, but it's been quite some time back.

    During all of my numerous installs of ebates, it has never asked me to register. It has automatically started the pops and redirects stating you are earning money. Also, you have to be logged in on the ebates site for rebates to track is my understanding. That is just close the browser window for ebates after you log in without logging back out. When you log in, ebates sets a cookie with your user information on your computer. Guess you would have to log back in if cookies were cleared with regular windows maintainence.

    It's a significant point I think. I've never had a registration pop up window with the MMM.

    Hmm, hmm, hmm.

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    Bet ebates can give you the exact stats on how many of it's 20 million users earn squatt from their purchases. Everyone of those non tracked users mean 100% goes to ebates owners.

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