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    I see some evidence that ebates has overwritten cookies. For the sake of argument, lets assume they are not "stealing commissions" as they claim.

    Isn't ebates in effect a GIGANTIC affiliate with 10's of millions of regular users offering INCENTIVES for click-thrus? I am new at this but I know one of the quickest ways to get kicked out of any affiliate program is to offer incentives. Why do they get to do this? There is no way I can compete! A person clicks thru on my banner, see's an item they like, then logs into ebates to boost up that "Big Fat Rebate Check"!

    Merchants can not have it both ways and they need to hear that message from us. Ebates or affiliates(the non-cheating type), not both! To invite affiliates in is really just an invitation to use them. I will be dropping EVERY stinkin' one of my merchants using ebates.

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    Quite often, the merchants cut special deals with the likes of Ebates, so they are allowed to offer incentives by the merchants. It seems to vary with each merchant.

    When you discover this is happening, be sure to let the merchant know you don't appreciate being treated differently than their other affiliates. Then drop them and promote their non-parasitic competitors! That's about the only thing some of them understand.


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    10's of millions, Hardly. They do not have that many Users and I anticipate the "active" list is significantly smaller.


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