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    I attempted to do a test purchase with them. After I entered all information including Date Of Birth, I received a window that said I was not old enough to make the purchase. I guess I should be flattered as I am 65 LOL Only option was to call the 800# on the top of the page. I had someone else try and they got the same thing. So evidently all sales are going to the 800# Bye Bye Prime Wine, not waiting around to hear that there was a problem with there program

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    Databases often get confused over dates after the turn of a new year...

    It could be that it's a simple error of that nature that they aren't aware of yet (though, there is really no excuse for them not anticipating it.)

    It may be worth giving them a chance considering the nature of the problem and the time of year...

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    I wonder how long that's been going on? I made quite a few sales with them.

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    Sounds like it could possibly be a programming glitch to me. We'll see if Prime Wine responds in a prompt manner, with an adequate explanation.

    It would be interesting to know how long this has been going on...


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    I use to promote them like crazy, got a few sales, which most got reversed. Then they changed their site around, and sales almost became non-existent. I have since stopped promoting them, as the sales have come to a hault. Now, this thing with the 1-800 number makes sense, as I haven't received any sales commissions from them lately.

    CJ compliance should check this out. If they find fault with Prime Wine they should have to compensate us for click-throughs for the last year at a dollar a pop just for being dingle berries. IMO Prime Wine has been suspect with me for quite some time. When all my sales with them had been reversed, that was the flag.

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    I am having Technical Serices look into this issue.


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    To Cazzi,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
    Prime Wine was made aware of the birth date validation issue with an email from (another?) 65 year old customer this morning. We immediately paged and located our chief programmer (off work for the holiday). Moments ago he called me to report that they did pinpoint and resolve the problem.
    It was in fact tied to the new year rollover. Certain (but by no means all) numeric combinations would cause an error. Most orders seem to have come through without any problem. Yes, if the algorithm was set correctly we would not have had this bug and we are truly sorry. There are two customers that contacted us because they were unable to place their orders directly online. The source of both purchases was definitely not from Commission Junction. We are confident that this problem has not resulted in any affiliate being shorted their hard earned commission.

    In response to the suggestion that we would somehow do this on purpose I can only point to our history with We were one of the very first companies to sign on with them (#75 as I recall) and they can confirm that we have never had any affiliates making such accusations. Frankly I don't know of any company that would deliberately try to prevent online sales from being placed on their own site. If this problem happened a week or two ago during the Christmas rush, the results would have been devastating.

    Throughout 2003 we invested heavily on upgrading the order entry system to improve the user experience and REDUCE the number of phone calls required in completing sales. It just seems logical that the easier it is for customers to order online, the more likely they are to do so. To that end we have been very successful. Some changes work better than others - and frankly some hurt more than they help. I can tell you though that overall our site sales reached record highs and we credit much of this to the new, simpler ordering system and layout.

    You may not be aware but the phone number provided on the site and any correspondence sent to our affiliates always includes my name, direct line and personal email address. Should you ever notice something awry on the site, please feel free to contact me directly. The sooner we find problems, the sooner we can fix them. As we did in this case.

    We have always valued and respected the great relationships we have with our affiliates. I must strongly take issue with anyone who suggests something less.

    2004 promises to be the most lucrative year yet for our affiliates thanks to improved cookie length and aggressive strategic alliances. We sincerely hope to retain you on our team of affiliates but that will of course be your choice. In any case please know that I am personally available to answer any questions or assist any way I can.

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    Jeff you might want to look back what you were doing right in March-April-May 2003 when you averaged 6.00 EPC. June 1st your affiliate sales commission payouts dropped 70% and never recovered. Giving a 16% commission rate to Ebates and other BHO parasitic traffic hijackers doesn't help your bottom line as they monitize even your partnership links, bookmarks and SE/e-mail specials listings.

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