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    January 18th, 2005
    Can someone please expand (in plain terms) on the issue with parasites, redirecting and so on.
    I know some of our affiliates have an issue with it however we are not very clear what is the real problem.
    Can you please explain in simple terms and point our who the culpits are?

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    There are better people on this forum to explain parasites to you than I, but here's the problem in general. There's a hoard of sites that steal commissions from other affiliates in a number of devious ways. Some such as eBates do those things that make them "appear" to be "legal" from the merchant's perspective. Make no mistake about it however, that every one of these parasites is a thief, stealing from both Music123 and all of it's affiliates. Most parasites will simply overwrite an affiliates code to make it appear that a link came from the parasite when in fact it comes from another affiliate. They do it by unethically placing code on a user's computer, many times without the user even knowing the code has been placed on his/her hard drive.

    Other companies such as eBates have been caught so many times, they now (supposedly) don't overwrite code if an affiliates code contains "&afsrc=1" at the end of a redirected url. If "&afsrc=1" is not at the end of the url, eBates will overwrite the code. In the case of eBates, Music123 is most probably paying eBates commissions even though the user did not come from eBates, but from Yahoo, Google, etc.

    You may see considerable traffic from these parasites and are nervous about risking the revenues they "generate" for Music123. However, eliminating parasites from all of Music123 will increase your revenues as well as your profitability. You'll no longer be paying commissions on sales that did not come from an affiliate and you'll attract more affiliates because there are many of us (and I mean a lot) that will not do business with companies that allow parasites into their program.

    The best way to have all your questions answered is to contact those companies listed as "trusted" by ABW. They can tell you their experiences as well as give you a list of who the parasites are.

    As for the technical aspects of parasitic activity, I'll leave that up to someone with the technical expertise to explain it.

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    Well, if you're the AM for Music123 or somehow related to the company, welcome to the forum.

    You can find a huge amount of info by reading the threads in this ParisiteWare forum, more than if everyone reposts previous threads. You'll get an eyeful. Keep in mind that the industry and the crooks are constantly evolving some some names are no longer big players, others new ones are and some are simply the same old crooks with new corporate names.

    Hard to believe that after all this time Music123 is interested in dealing with parasites, but better late than never.

    Even though I dropped 123 from my sites long ago, I still have problems with some of your affiliates whose sites are nothing but Google search results using my site descriptions, along with that from other affiliates, and even from zZounds pages. The only working links are the scum's affiliate links to your products. You might look at this while you're at it.

    A good start is to examine your affiliate's sites to see how they are getting clicks. If they do indeed have a site and aren't in the business of forcing cookies or overwriting, see if they are presenting your product in a good light, not simply stealing search engine fodder. These sites look like crap and present your company in the same way.


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    Thanks to everybody for the feedback. I will definitely look into the issue and will try to make sure that we are doing our best to be fair with all our affiliates.
    Your help with this respect is much appreciated.

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