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    January 17th, 2005
    something wicked this way comes.

    call it paranoia, a premonition, insanity...

    I got a feeling something fishy is about to happen, but I can't quite place my finger on it. SOMETHING BIG! Concerning affiliates... dunno? [Big Chuck scratches his head]

    Why do I have this feeling I just stepped into the twilight zone?

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    January 17th, 2005
    Big Chuck, I think it's called Murphey's Law.

    Seems like whenever I get everything lined up just right, good traffic, good merchant, good conversion, etc., then something happens to screw it up. The merchant reduces commssion rate, leaves, or doesn't pay; Or other things, like my server goes down for an extended period, I lose my good ranking, CJ screws up, something always happens. One of my "good" sites seems to have disappeared for no reason from google.

    I had over 1000 referals on AllAdvantage and was making good money, and then they reduced payouts and then went under.

    So if you are having that feeling, then things must be going well for you now. That "Feel Good" feeling never seems to last for long. :rolleyes:

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    January 17th, 2005
    >call it paranoia, a premonition, insanity...

    Or you could call it 'playing the percentages'. One day PPC goes, another day the product links, another day the forum.
    Sooner or later CJ itself just won't be there one morning. (Shortly after somewhere else starts product links and proper stats).

    Whatever removing the forums failed to achieve will be whats coming next. And my guess would be that some merchants think chargeback stats are Too Much Information.


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    I can guarantee that the removal of the forums by CJ had nothing to do with money or an indicator of impending doom.

    Marketing will be doing something with the entire CJU tab and will have some sort of interactivity but I doubt like it was before.


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    >call it paranoia, a premonition, insanity...

    yeah baby, as from tommorow its gonna cost $1000 bucks a year if you want to be a publisher partner in lexs online sales force and its gonna cost a dollar everytime you click the login button plus 30 cents every time you perform a search

    lets never speak of them again, yuck, that awful paybar, sad, sad memories, the web became a better place when they died, it was getting like it was impossible to visit a website that didnt have a "get paid to surf" page, euch, i feel all dirty now, gonna take a shower anyone wanna join me?

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