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    When it comes to datafeeds, I think most CJ merchants just don't get it. I'm receiving about 20 CJ feeds, and virtually all of them are unusable.

    The biggest problems I'm seeing are:

    1) Many aren't updated regularly. Prices are out of date. Many run sales and the prices are never reflected in the datafeeds. Products are missing. Products that are no longer available are included. Images are broken.

    2) Categories are almost non-existent. Depending on how many products a merchant has, I like to see at least 2-3 levels of categories (like "Electronics > TV's > HDTV's"). Most CJ merchants I've seen only have one level. Many have no category, or everything is listed in the same category. Some have totally useless categories.

    3) Incomplete Datafeeds. Many CJ merchants only have a very limited number of products set up on CJ. Some that have thousands of products on their site only have 10 or 20 loaded onto CJ.

    CJ Merchants...

    Please do the following if you're going to have product links on CJ:

    1) Automate your process and send a complete, updated data file to CJ every day. Even if you don't think you change things that often--you do! If sales automatically start and stop at a set time each day (like midnight), have your product file upload happen right afterwards.

    2) Use Categories. Almost every merchant has multiple levels of categories on their site. Use them in your datafeed. We will appreciate it. Use the full hierarchy, not just the top or bottom level.

    3) Use the Price Fields. You have three price fields available: Sale Price, Price, and Retail Price. Use them if you have the data available. If you know the list price, put it in the "RETAILPRICE" field. If an item is on sale and you know what your normal price is, use both the "SALEPRICE" and "PRICE" fields.

    4) Provide As Much As You Can! Look at every field available in the field. Don't just give the bare minimum. Provide everything you can. Have keywords? UPC? Manufacturer name? Manufacturer Part#? Know when a sale ends? All of these fields (and more) are available in the CJ feed.

    Michael Coley

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    Use the full hierarchy, not just the top or bottom level.

    Not all in one field, though. That's not adding information, just replacing it. Take up a few of the unused fields to add info.

    But really, you can take the CJ out of "most cj feeds worthless?". Haven't seen much better outside of cj either.

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    I agree. But I think alot of the problem is the conversion from the merchant to CJ. Some merchants offer feeds outside CJ's and they are usually tons better which leads me to believe that CJ could do a better job in assisting merchants.

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    Most of my CJ feeds are fine. In fact, I'd put CJ's in the most useFUL category, *when speaking in general*!

    But, there are those merchants that would certainly benefit from taking Michael's advice. Especially those of you who have thousands of products and about 4 things in the feed!!!

    ~Cheapskate merchants need not apply

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    CJ only provides one "official" field called Advertiser Category which is supposed to be the category. There are other fields that I use to dump category information, however many of them have character limits etc. Which is why I offer external feeds

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    I have no problems with the feeds I get from cj, with the exception of the 10 or so BackCountryStore ones, with all but one being empty.

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    Hi Connie,

    Sorry to hear that our feeds are confusing you. The empty product catalogs weren't intended to be exported to affiliates. We needed to "reserve" the space for future projects and had them added to our list of product catalogs even though they are blank. I'm waiting for a few enhancements to the CJ interface before they become useful. There should be two product catalogs that are filled. Are you only getting one with products? Which one is it?



    Bryan Rhodes
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    Hello All, thank you for posting your thoughts on CJ datafeeds.

    We recently established the Laptops For Less Datafeed at CJ and received the category suggestion from some of you who posted here already. We acted on that suggestion and added the category field. We include specs, compatible product models, and more for all 1600+ products in the feed.

    What do you think of our CJ feed now? Feel free to post your suggestions in the topic I started specifically for our datafeed at...

    Affiliate Manager
    Laptops For Less

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