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    We are launching a niche pay-per-click search engine targeting computer related products and services. We would like to get some free advertising from you if you have a newsletter or website related to webhosting, computer sales or computer products, isp's, etc.

    In return we will offer you a free ppc account ranging from $10-$500 depending upon what type of advertising you have to offer.

    So, if you have a website or newsletter that caters to webmasters, affiliates, sells computer related products, offers webhosting, isp's, or anything else remotely related to computers please drop us a note with what type of advertising you can provide and we will get back with you with you as soon as possible and get your free ppc account up and running!


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    I could send you (electronics) traffic but what kind of traffic would you send back to me?

    I have a few #1&2 spots on yahoo that bring in a little well focused traffic for (discount ram) and the like.

    That's not a big amount of traffic but it's what I think you are looking for.

    Anyways, what kind of return traffic would you send to me?

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    What benefit would you get from sending them traffic?
    You are both running the same search script & resulting feeds.

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    I don't send much of my own traffic to it's built mostly of traffic that comes from my affiliates.

    I have quite a few other sites (40 some) that I generate affiliate revenue with in other ways. The only time I send my own traffic is when I suddenly need to because of merchant screwups or what have you.

    I don't like to put too many eggs in the same basket.

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