I'm looking to sell one of my websites.

http://CamaroProject.com (&.net)

Just reregistered the names for another year.

Hosting is $14.95 per month

This is the last production year for the Camaro, so you can bet there will be even more interest!

Also, I have a signed contract with The Scripps Cable TV Network for a restoration project they are doing.

TONS of both full sized photos as well as resized images and banners are included!

This website is also an about.com recommended site (not paid advertising)

The site has been around for about a year in one form or another.

Just updated and made some changes added some new sponsors!

Here are some SE rankings:

History of the Camaro

Camaro magazines

Buy Camaro Stuff

Camaro restoration

Camaro Pics

Camaro Books

And there are plenty more!

Here are some stats as of today:

Obviously, these stats pretty much only reflect this first week in June!

As far as revenue, I just started with the products here recently. Prior to that, it was mainly a hobby site. I tried adding products before, but found that none of the (CJ) URLs even worked!

There are plenty of ways tomake money from this niche site if you have the time for it.

Right now, I need some more cash (Im moving out of state and buying a house) and the site can be time consuming if you run it like I did!

If you are interested, just email me an offer. Im not setting a price here, Ill let any/all offers be the guide for that.

Here is my email addy:



BTW, all the traffic is strictly from word of mouth and search engines. I have not paid for any advertising for this site.

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