I have a few domains that I want to get rid off because I will not be doing anything with it anymore.

Domain name #1 theexoticart.com
2. thexoticart.com
3 belowthewaistline.com
4. underthewaist.com
5. SecuredCommission.com
u decide what u wanna pay.. I am willing to sell them @ cost (or a bit more [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img] ) price.

Another domain : healthbeyondfitness.com can be provided if I get a good offer for it.

Barter deals are also very welcome, though I am looking for some money in my paypal a/c.

When u buy, u get mistyped name: bellowthewaist.com (lol) for free!

Plus, when u buy these names, u get a domain name of your choice that is still unregistered, for free! (please note that this not valid if u purchase less than 2 names from me)

Name the rates and I'll sell em.

email me on cjkiosk@sify.com