Hi. My company, Exstream media, is releasing a new product, Tulip Communicator, for helping ecommerce/content/community sites remain in contact with their visitors.

We need help in 2 areas: Content and Design. (It sounds funny saying that, 'cause what else is there?) We're offering free use of the software, to those that can help us out in these areas.

I think that I'll need to briefly (I hope) explain the concept of Tulip Communicator, in order for this to make sense. Please pardon me if this sounds too much like a sales pitch... however, I am trying to get you to do a deal with me... a barter deal, though.

Tulip Communicator is a messaging technology we've developed, that connects websites with their users, without the use of email. It gives a webmaster a direct channel to their users' desktops.

To the user, tulip communicator looks like a tiny icon that resides in the lower right corner of their desktop. (it's a windows "systray app") Occasionally, it animates, signaling a message arriving. If the user wants to see the message, they click the icon, and the message opens (all messages are html, by the way - they can carry pictures, text, audio, streaming video, flash etc). The user also has complete control over the messages they accept, because Communicator uses "channels".

Each channel is "owned" by a website - such as yours [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img] . (A channel could carry weekly or daily articles, advice, and product offers, for instance) You can have more than one channel, for various sub-groups of users, as well. The user can choose which channels they want to "join", and they can "unjoin" them at any time, easily.

In many ways, it's like a newsletter, or ezine... However, it bypasses email, and has lots of unique features for webmasters.

One of these features is where the content/design we seek comes in: Our "preloaded content channels" feature.

We've currently aggregated a small content library (found mostly through www.freesticky.com - a great resource by the way), that has about 20 entries, of "automatically updating" content from various sources, on various topics: Recipes, Music news, Wine news, cartoons, auto racing, parenting articles, etc. Communicator "encapsulates" these in a template, that our customers can draw on. These templates contain the auto-updating content, and areas for the webmaster's content and banner ads as well. When a webmaster adds one of these templates to his tulip communicator messaging schedule, they can choose to make the message "recurring" at specific intervals, if they wish. For instance, a webmaster may choose to utilize a "Rolling Stone music review" preloaded content template, with his banners for a cd program they are affiliated with, or perhaps a banner rotator, and some copy about their site, or offer. The webmaster might then set this template to recur, every Thursday afternoon, for instance. In this scenario, the website's communicator users will get that message, and the updating Music Review content each week. The webmaster needn't do any more work, and his/her audience will keep getting the marketing message, along with the fresh content.

Of course, if the webmaster wishes, they can update the recurring message, add "one shot" messages, for special news offers etc, or author completely custom html messages - without templates at all - served from your site via communicator.

Well, so much for a "brief" explaination. Sorry.

So, now I hope you see the sort of content we're interested in. Stuff that is updated regularly, that's of wide interest, or quality content of specialized interest, for inclusion in our library, to be redistributed to our users. Any content you provide can include a link back to your site, as well. (We're especially interested in coupons, and automotive content currently, BTW)

To get a better feel for this, you can try our demo channels if you wish, here: http://www.tulipcommunicator.com , towards
the bottom of the page. Try the "general" demo channel.

That will also give you an idea of the design services we need.

Our site is not very pretty, but right now, we are more concerned with the design of our content library pages... the ones
that are delivered through communicator to the end user. Currently, they're "OK", but "just ok".

If this sounds interesting to you, please email me at maury@planetblue.com

Of course, if you have comments, suggestions, etc, we'd appreciate them, as well.


Maury Rosenfeld

Streaming 3d sales tools to trade.