Newsletter Advertising:

Content or Regular Ad: $10
For purchases of 5 or more, you'll get 1 FREE.
50,000 subscribers, and roughly 1500 clicks for a content ad. 150 for a regular ad.


Opt-out: 3 cents on any amount.
Opt-in: 8 cents on any amount.
We can deliver about 700 opt-out a day.

Banner Advertising:

468x60: 100,000 impressions for $10
Skyscraper: 100,000 impressions for $12


Popup: $2.75
Popunder: $2.50

Msg Board Advertising:

A banner at the top of the page: $25 for 1 month
ANNOUNCEMENTS: $15 for 1 month
J-ROO WELCOMES YOU: $10 for 1 month
PICTURE POST: $10 for 1 month
CHATTERS POST: $10 for 1 month
JOKAROO SUPPORT: $5 for 1 month
We get about 4000 uniques a day on our msg board alone.

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