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    January 17th, 2005
    I went to's website, and I saw other CJ merchants' ads plastered on the bottom of every page. Though, they convert well for me, I don't like to fact that they're promoting other merhcants and casuing leaks in my traffic.

    I'd like to see what your thoughts on merchants promoting other merchants.

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    Obviously doesn't bother them a bit, but we can't do the same: From their email on admission
    3. requires that any affiliate page that links to us OR lists our trademark name does NOT also have a link to our competitors for medical clothing or medical supplies.

    Kind of one-way, isn't it?

    further, they DID allow us to have google/adsense ads on the same page. Wow.

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    Not too cool.

    Why divert any traffic from a retail site. I'd rather sell my product than make a couple dollars in commission and possibly lose a sale.

    If it bugs you - send them an e-mail and tell them how it impacts you as an affiliate.

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