URL of the site: http://www.namesprint.com

Age of site: 1year (Been down for 4months, came back up this week)

Traffic statistics: https://www.namesprint.com/webstat/

Asking price: (Offer, I was duped into buying it for $1,000, obviously I dont want to dupe anyone into that price.)

Your Email address: support@namesprint.com

Gross and net revenue per month: $0, with 10 customers, maybe $70 (if they go on cheap plan and if pricing stays same on namesprint site) a month.
You set your own prices.

I originally bought it to run webhosting, however 3-4 months after, my wholesaler, dropped their wholesaler, and as a Result I got a LETTER (not EMAIL) to my home address from their wholesaler.
I have Only dealed with my wholesaler (cedant) and not their one, therefore that went against privacy laws, and all cedant did was nothing. THey said they will be filing lawsuits etc. but I never got anything out of it anyways, and I was the one affected as my address was given out.
I dropped Cedant, and turned out the person who originally sold it to me, had everything setup to cedant.
So links are broken on some of the pages, however I have changed over to Lynxwebhosting.

I have also made a login page (ready to upload) for Lynxwebhosting aswell, however I am really busy these days therefore I want to discontinue this.
I did want to continue with it and gain a few customers, then sell it for a higher price, but I just dont have the time or knowledge to fix it up, and I also lost interest in it.

This site will suit someone who can fix up the links etc.

This is what I looked at when I originally bought it, but the pricing structures are basically the same (except alacart features)



ps. Reasonable offers please as this has site design, domain for 1 year, and 2 months free webhosting.

Costs will generally be around $5 a month (after first 2 months)
Then it will be $10 per year after march/april 2003.