Hi All,

I am selling one of the many projects I have recently been working on as I have over extened myself. The plan was to ensure I didn't have all my eggs in the same basket however now I have too many eggs and have to let a few go.

The site that is for sale is http://www.FreeLeadGeneration.com

This service is unique and there are currently only 2 other competitors. Here they are:

http://www.subscriberdrive.com http://www.subscriptionrocket.com

Subscription Rocket has generated over 146,631 new leads in the past few months alone so you can see these networks really do produce results.

Free Lead Generation is essentially the same as the above two sites however has several improvements for both members and admin.

Members are allowed more space to advertise their ezine. This allows for better quality leads.

The network is not exclusively for ezines as such, any webmaster wanting to build their mailing list can use the network which really opens up the potential market for the site. Of course it is up to the new owner if want to restrict it to simply ezine publishers.

Admin can que up advertisers in the network and generate revenue by selling leads. Check out the advertising page for the current prices to get an estimate of the revenue potential. Price scale is also entirely at the discretion of the new owner of course.

20% of the entire leads generated via the network are for paid advertisers. When no advertisers are present the advertiser slots default to general members listings. You can also use the advertising space to generate leads for any mailing lists you own.

There is also an automatic downline building feature integrated into the software. This allows a member to purchase 10 (or however many they like) new members to be added to their downline. When the member purchases this they go into homepage rotation allowing all new members who join the network (that were not referred by any other member) to be placed in their downline automatically. These can also be qued up and is an additional revenue generator. This feature could also be used in joint ventures etc.

One other major difference is that members are able to insert the subscription form code that is generated into an actual page on their site and the form is embedded into that page (rather than using a popup window). Many webmasters don't like using popups on their site so I made sure the network would cater for them all.

The software works perfectly but the site needs a few adcopy changes. I will make these changes for the new owner before transfer.

New owner receives the following:

Domain name www.freeleadgeneration.com (free transfer - registered for the next 10 months)

All site and graphics.

Right to use adcopy - adcopy has also been optimized for good search engine positioning.

Exclusive rights to the software running the site. (you can sell this to other webmasters if you like or simply use it yourself). That's right... you'll receive the complete source code etc so you can make any modifications you like. I'll also put you in touch with the programmer who can make changes / improvements / upgrades at very low cost.. (he is based in India and is excellent.)

Please note that I am not selling this type of site or the software to anyone else. This will be your network exclusively. It is not a turn key business... I had it purposely developed and programmed and all up it has cost me about $3K to date.

The site has not been launched yet so it has no members however I am happy to include some novel marketing techniques for you that will see you generate several hundred new network members each time you use them.

Furthermore as the network has a 4 tired affiliate structure all members you receive will essentially be promoting the network itself. However having said that this is not a "sit back and do nothing" site... you will need to market and work the site to make it successful.

It would be ideal for someone who already has a large contact database of webmasters / ezine publishers however this is not essential.

I will also include a database of 365 internet marketing ezine publishers so you can contact these publishers and invite them to join the network and arrange JV's etc.

This database is in a .txt format and includes publishers first name, contact email, newsletter name etc.

The site is currently hosted at www.mewebhost.com on a budget account and should run fine on this however when there are ~1,000 members you should consider moving it to a dedicated server. www.mewebhost.com offers dedicated servers for $99 per month.

As mentioned above the site has also been optimized for good search engine positioning for the following keywords: "Lead Generation" "Free Lead Generation" "Lead Generation Service" "Online Lead Generation" etc

The domain name www.FreeLeadGeneration.com is also keyword rich which helps tremendously.

The beauty about the site is that as more members join your link popularity will grow and your search engine rankings will improve.

Here's the big question...

Why am I selling? Well... I don't really want to. I would love to start marketing this site and benefit from all the leads it would generate for my own lists. (This was the main reason the site was developed however I also included paid advertisers into the programming so that I could also use it as a revenue producing vehicle if desired.)

However at the moment I have over extended myself. I have several other projects currently working and simply don't have time to work them all. Considering I have invested alot of time and funds into the site to get it ready for launch I am very relectant to sell but sadly I've decided it's the only option I can take at the moment.

As such I am going to loose money by selling this site but I don't see any alternative at the moment other than hanging onto it and letting it sit there doing nothing. That would be a waste (I've done it with other projects before and am not going to do it again).

Asking price is US$2,000 ono.

This includes everything mentioned above... including exclusive rights to the scripting that runs the site. You can modify it, sell it or whatever you like.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at admin@website-promotion-directory.com

Wishing you all the best...

Yours Sincerely,

Duncan Carver

PS: As a bonus I will also throw in a free $500 advertising account at our pay per click search engine http://www.website-promotion-directory.com to help you market the site.