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    Dear Participants,


    Introduction :

    ScriptTalk's primary aim is to foster Scripts and/or Applications related discussions helping the Webmaster & PC/Mac user community as a whole. Register yourself and be be eligible to win the hosting accounts and domain names, we are giving away.

    Official Launch :
    Just letting everyone know that we are officially launching with a contest … Giving away 4 hosting accounts. and 10 Domain Names !!

    The requirements to win:
    1. If not already a member, Join
    2. Post Quality – Very Important, please no spam. Spammers will not be considered in the final decision of winners.
    3. Post Often – This will be heavily moderated, please do not SPAM the boards
    4. Treat others, as you would want to be treated. Please show RESPECT
    5. Once again, All points will be evaluated, PLEASE DO NOT SPAM THE BOARD
    6. Moderators, Sponsors, Partners and Myself are not eligible to win.
    7. Email Updates will go out weekly
    8. Be helpful to the community
    9. Recommend our scripttalk service to all your friends whom you think, would find out community very useful. ( you can use our “ tell your Friend” service )
    10. Each participant can win only prize.

    How are the winners decided :

    1. The time frame for this contest is 2 months
    2. Participants with a minimum of 250 posts within that two months will be eligible to win a hosting account.
    3. 10 ( Ten ) Participants with a minimum of 200 posts will be eligible to win one domain name each. The domain will be of your choice and it should either be .com or .net or .org . Also the domain you opt for should be avaliable for registration !

    Finally here are the hosting accounts and DomainNames, our participants can win at the first week of February:

    1. ( Basic Plan )
    2. ( Activa 2 Budget )
    3. ( Budget Hosting Plan )
    4. ( Business Pro )
    5. ( 10 Domain Names )

    More Good News :

    We will soon be giving away some useful Commercial scripts in the days to come. All those registered now also will be eligible to win those prizes ! We will announce the same both on our forums and here !

    The contest Starts December 1st , 2002, and ends January 31st , 2002. The winners will be selected on the first week of Feb, 2002.

    The Links :

    1. ScriptTalk Community
    2. Register @ ScriptTalk

    We want to thank all of our current members and new comers for the growth and pleasant and very helpful community we are building, and here is our way of saying Thank you.

    Looking forward to meet you @ community !


    Note : If you should have any problems activating your account with for any reason, kindly email me at and request to activate your account. Please mention you nick you have chosen while registration !

    ScriptTalk: : Scripts Related Discussion Forum !
    Register yourself today and win Hosting accounts and/or Domain Names !

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    Please no spam?


    All around the mulberry bush the monkey chased the weasel

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Very Important, please no spam. Spammers will not be considered in the final decision of winners.~Brands <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Looks like you lose!

    It's the most wonderful time of the year! ~From a "Golden Era" Christmas Song

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