Our team invites you to preview our newest launched online multimedia builder service at http://www.TemplateWiz.com .

We have so many ongoing open development projects and network service additions that we have not had the time to effectively promote this service, let alone even market the service with our time constraints.

We need a proven partner service that can effectively promote and launch this service with profits directly in mind and focus specifically to successful promotional marketing campaigns that produce results.

Our service membership packages receive a very high commission rate value from the i-mediaworld.com service to our service each 30 days for all paid memberships of the month.

Currently i-mediaworld.com charges $15,000.00 and up for co-branded online multimedia builder service project builds and is not an expense your service would have to incur, or worry about if you decided this partnership collaboration opportunity looked like a good union for your service.

Our service team completely handles all support issues. We are very happy to say that since the service launch and approximately 160+ trial members so far to date, we have had absolutely no support inquiries of any sort. The service tutorial is obviously written so well that all viewers fully comprehend the online multimedia builder completely. We invite you to preview the tutorial for your evaluation of our statement.

What we are looking for is a service that has large viewer base audience (minimum 10,000 unique viewers daily, or large mailings) to promote this service effectively. In return we would split the profits 50 - 50. This offer is only being made to exceptionally strong proven marketing services.

If your service is a qualified candidate to respond to this collaboration opportunity, please respond directly to our Global Marketing Director, Craig Gross at partner@designerwiz.com. Upon our review of all submitted applications, more detailed information will be provided for your services informed evaluation of all the benefits to this collaboration opportunity.

Please evaluate this service in it's entirety before responding. Thank you.

DesignerWiz.com Team