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    January 18th, 2005
    I noticed today that I had a lot eBay nickles than usual. So I had my wife go to my site, click on my eBay link, and after searching through a few listings, place a bid on an item.

    I capture the IP address in the SID, so I can tell which bid came from my PC. But in this case, the bid never showed up.

    Now either the bid didn't track properly (this was several hours ago), or people are figuring out how to cookie a bidder directly from an auction, stealing my nickle. Right now I believe either are entirely possible.

    Who should I contact about this? eBay doesn't seem to answer my e-mails on other topics, so should I try emailing CJ?


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    January 18th, 2005

    I would definitely open a support ticket at CJ about this. I have one open as well on the same issue, due to 3 bids I placed over the past 3 weeks never tracked. And I won 2 of the auctions!

    eBay told me to contact CJ about it, I'm certain something is going on, as I was very careful each time to not do anything that would interfere, and my computer has no parasites on it.


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    Yes, I see the same thing happening. My numbers are down compared to what I had a few weeks ago through BeFree...I opened as well a support ticket regarding this tracking issue.


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    January 17th, 2005
    I was also an ebay affiliate through Befree. I recently converted all my ebay links over to CJ.

    I was doing $1,000+ per month in ebay earnings with BeFree up until mid November. In mid November BeFree said they were having a tracking problem. A few days later they said it was fixed.

    Ever since that point my ebay earnings have gone done considerably. December was in the $500-$600 range. January was in the $200-$300 range.

    My ebay links were all converted over to CJ in the last week or so. To my utter disbelief, things got even worse. As of this point I have not received even one registration. I have total earnings of about $2.00

    Something is terribly wrong here.


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    >or people are figuring out how to cookie a
    >bidder directly from an auction

    There was someone doing this in the past - one of the free photo hosting services was telling their eBay clients to put their photos in an iframe, which would then cookie the surfer with the photo hosting service's CJ affiliate number (IIRC).

    They put a stop to that. Can't remember if happened before or after CJ closed down their internal chat board - you might find info on it here, in the very early posts.

    Maybe someone else has figured out a similar scam? PM me with the auction # your wife bid, and I'll have a wee dig - unless you don't want me to know the auction item - maybe leather S&M gear or something. :^)

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    I was the one that outed that merchant. It wasn't an IFRAME -- the free-picture-hosting company had their users put a button on the auction that said "click here to see the picture of this item". When you clicked, you got both the picture and an eBay popunder with the affiliate code in it.

    I don't know why this is any different than the affiliate running popunders on the Burst network, although the free-image-hosting company probably stole a lot more registrations because they were so close to the action.

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    I just tried one of my CJ ebay links and it reported in less than 10 minutes. I don't know if it's possible, but ebay has alot of links set to expire soon, there could be a problem with those links.

    You may want to get a fresh link from CJ, click thru it and bid on the same item (if possible) and see what happens.

    I know when I was using the creation tool and tried to click on one my links before I loaded it up to the wesite, it wouldn't track because I was adding a date and time to the SID thru SSI.


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