My name: Ak Sharma

URL of the site:

Age of site: 1-2years.

Traffic statistics: 16-48 visits

Asking price: PM Me Offers. Ive been Offered $500 AUD so far.
Profits: Hard to say, but around $2-10 per month (AUD)

Other Information: This site, I bought to Redevelop, and make it into a community style site.
I had intentions of speaking with Computer stores, and getting them to advertise for eg. $50 per month, aswell as having acces on forums to put Items for sale (Only sponsors can put BRAND NEW items for sale, whilst normal people put second hand only).
I had a lot of replies in regards to it, but decided to wait and revamp the site.

Unfortunately though I have had no time to do so as I have been very busy lately, and then there was a family member passing away recently.

If it doesnt sell for a good price, I will end up waiting a bit for it, then revamping it.
I can get lots of traffic to the site and forums; but I was waiting for the right "Moment" to come.

The site has a PR of 4 and forums a PR of 3.
Total links for are 195
Total links for are 112

The domain itself is valuable.