Hi. I am posting this for a desperate girl in need. I talked to BLTH before I posted, and she said it would be fine. I am not spamming the board.

First of all. Twyla is from Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada. And she has been having some financial trouble, and she can't find a job in her real field. And is very capable of webdesign graphics. Marketing isn't her strong suit at this point in her life, I'm sure we can we can teach her though. So I told her I would see what I could do, and thought of all you. We all want our sites to look pretty or unique. So if your looking for a logo, or site design. Please check her out. If you know of a good job for her to apply to, please drop her an email.

Her main focus on her resume is here in her cover letter.cover letter

Twyla Resume. and her email addy is twylagariepy@yahoo.ca

Here's some examples of her work as webdesign. http://www.twyla.reallyrules.com ( mouse over stones to see what pages are about)


and here is a forum skin. http://twyla.reallyrules.com/fabric.html

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