As mentioned in the previous post, I'm getting back into the corporate world. I'm selling, and all associated software and custom scripting and design.

This site has been up and active for about six months. I've recently removed all secondary pages so no one can place any orders until I get things transferred over to a new owner.

With the purchase, you will receive the following;
1. All website design, currently custom to Gaminghits and yurl etc.., but you could easily rename and target a broader based market and use a different url, or have two front-ends.
2. All traffic server advertising software, was $200+ when purchased. This software tracks campaigns and serves ads, etc..
3. I recently had $400+ of custom scripting done to create an affiliate webmasters section for additional revenue. It allows you to create categories and include your referral link, etc.. There's an area to manage banners within the library too. It also tracks exit clicks coming from the library.
4. I spent three weeks researching the advertising market in order to find out the top providers of web traffic online. I'll provide you with those contacts and notify them that you have purchased my site, and you would like to acquire my account to purchase wholesale moving forward. If you buy ads online, this could probably save you more than the cost of the site itself in a month.
5. I have other relationships that I've developed with high-level ppc's and other publishers that you could benefit from.
6. I'll give you three months of free hosting on my dedicated server, and we can work something out after that, if you would like to leave it on.

I'm letting this go for only $1,500 obo, so I need someon who can play around and figure a lot out by themselves. I'll help all I can, but I can't give countless hours teaching you the software. It's fairly easy, if you're a hands on person.

You can reach me at to discuss.


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