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    My psychogist thinks I have domain mania and has adviced me to get rid of most of them

    Some of you know what I mean. You keep registering because you think you'll hit the "next big one!"

    Anyhow, I do agree and I am letting go of most of the domains I registered. These names include dot LA domains which Google seems to like. I did build Poems.LA which already gets decent traffic from Google. I'm open to selling the site and duplicating its content on my main site - streamlining.

    Here they are - I'll accept all reasonable offers. All but one dot com are with Dotster and I'm not sure what they charge to transfer to a new owner.

    Dot LA's cost $50 to register and there are no owner transfer fees.


    Dot LA names

    Cheers! And please don't buy domains unless you have enough time to build them!

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    how much would u sell the

    email price to

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