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    Please excuse, if this is not the proper place to post this request.

    I am a programmer and have recently compleated a program that allows the user to easily download adult pictures. All people I have shown the program so far say it is the best of it's kind, better than kazaa or better than any file sharing tool. However, I am not good at marketing, I am willing to give 50% of the software business to anyone who has a past record of being able to sell products/services online in a professional way. If need be, I can install an affiliate tracking program that I already made to track sales.

    Software is huge business, and especailly adult. I prefer to use my own program for my source of porn than any other source. : )

    The marketing agent I seek should:

    1. Possibly be able to make a semi-good looking webpage for this software, just one page is fine, with screen shots and such.

    2. Know how to advertise an affilaite program, or whatever they think is the best way to get sales in.

    3. Be able to in not too long of time have a steady flow of atleast 10 sales a day, I forsee more than 100 with good marketing. I plan on charging $50 usd for the software, but I think it is worth it.

    4. Conduct all marketing WITHOUT spam of any kinds! Also, popups I think are bad.

    I may accept more than 1 partner in this project if the conditions are right, and the other partners agree to it. We can setup a % of comapany arrangement, % of gross sales, % of net sales, etc... I am open to ideas.

    Please E-mail me at if you are interested and let me know what advertising, marketing work you have successfully done in the past.


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