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    Just like the title says...

    Spam me with your unique niche programs. What's hot and unheard of??? As things get tighter and tighter in the affiliate world, many of us are looking for new programs to drive our traffic to.

    I'm always looking for unique sites for traffic trades etc... Many of us know that targeted traffic in a unique market is worth it's weight in gold. In 2000 I opened Psychic Revenue (see sig)... Selling psychic readings is easy, considering it's a completely unsaturated market. So that's the direction I went, and also why I'm interested in hearing about other niche markets that are hot.

    So, back to topic... If any of you ABW'ers have unique programs or sponsors, come tell us about them!

    Why promote products with ton's of competition when you can be the "mattress king"?!

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    Continued Success,

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    Spamming request granted

    I run the affiliate program which has a few good niche areas: Spider-Man and Family Guy Figures, for example, are really popular with a passionate group of TV and Comic fans. We get a lot of traffic off of interesting niche sites like, Brians Bar for Family Guy, and Comics2Film for Spider-Man.

    Anyway, i think it's a unique site with a good niche market waiting to be capitilized on. You can check the affiliate program out at: Affiliates.

    Spamming hereby ended, hope you enjoyed.

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