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    NOTE!: There is a question mark after the subject so I am NOT stating a fact, but I am looking for incidental data from other CJ affiliates.

    Also, you can read about my previous misgivings in my thread titled "Anybody else seen a dramatic drop since Jan 19?". This new data point showing up after that thread is ill timed indeed.

    One of the CJ programs we are a member of allows us to "self-buy". We received prior e-mail authorization to do so. So we placed an order for an item that has a pretty high value and therefore a sizable commission.

    There was still no record of the transaction after 10 days. Several e-mails to CJ got muddy replies or no reply at all.

    We contacted the program advertiser directly, and got a response saying that the transaction was now credited to our account, which it was.

    However they said that CJ sometimes misses transactions. This, plus our experiences noted in the other thread, has done a fair amount of damage to our faith in CJ. This is a shame because we happen to have a lot of affection for the CJ site and affiliate program. We now have to wonder how many other commissions, high-dollar or otherwise, are missing.

    So the questions are:

    - Is this behavior a new unfortunate consequence of the recent CJ buyout?
    - Is the vendor the one at fault, and is simply covering their own backsides, or is CJ truly "dropping" commissions?

    We are of course very worried at this time. With all the current troubles due to ad-blockers and parasiteware, this would be the straw that breaks the affiliate camel's back.


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    I do not see any intential wrong doing from CJ side because they are paid only when transactions are "tracked". It might be technical glitches though sometimes. If the merchant's system does not show the CJ tracking code at the confirmation page, then CJ cannot track it. In these cases, merchant most probably dropped the ball. If this merchant is doing batch update, the problem is definitly at their end. It could be intentional or a mistake.

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