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    OK. So they changed the rules.

    Now, it seems that eBay will examine the cookie at CJ and the cookie at and if they are the same time (or close) then CJ gets the commish. If the mediaplex cookie is fresher, then obviously the surfer arrived again later via a non-CJ advertisement.

    The is only ONE BIG problem with this.

    Right now, if you visit the eBay website, they pop up an ebay Store banner "20% off Valentie's Day Roses" (for's ebay store) on exit.

    Guess what? This banner uses a mediaplex cookie and that mediaplex cookie has the same name as the one used for CJ-sourced adverts: "svid".

    So my guess is that anyone that we send to eBay via CJ that clicks on that popup, well, we can kiss our commissions goodbye.

    Want some more bad news?

    All the links on eBay's site that they use mediaplex on (for instance on their browse page there's a bunch of links on the right called "spotlights on") all reset the mediaplex cookie.

    Will we not get a commission on that surfer because their mediaplex cookie no longer matches their CJ one?

    Anyone else see this as a potential problem?

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    so, why are you messing with a bottom feeder???

    And, that's the bottom line because it's my2cents!

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