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    I am managing a new affiliate program and would like to ensure we provide our affiliates with the ad types and sizes they prefer. So, what ad types and sizes do you prefer?

    I did not put this question into poll format because some users may prefer more than one type size and may also have additional feedback or insight, which is always welcome.

    Also, please do remember to include text ads if you prefer them, since many affiliates, (myself included) do favor text ads.

    If this helps, the Internet Advertising Bureau has established the following standard Interactive Marketing Units (IMU):

    Rectangles and Pop-Ups:
    300 x 250 IMU - (Medium Rectangle)
    250 x 250 IMU - (Square Pop-Up)
    240 x 400 IMU - (Vertical Rectangle)
    336 x 280 IMU - (Large Rectangle)
    180 x 150 IMU - (Rectangle)

    Banners and Buttons
    468 x 60 IMU - (Full Banner)
    234 x 60 IMU - (Half Banner)
    88 x 31 IMU - (Micro Bar)
    120 x 90 IMU - (Button 1)
    120 x 60 IMU - (Button 2)
    120 x 240 IMU - (Vertical Banner)
    125 x 125 IMU - (Square Button)
    728 x 90 IMU - (Leaderboard)

    160 x 600 IMU - (Wide Skyscraper)
    120 x 600 IMU - (Skyscraper)

    Thanks in advance for your responses. Your feedback and insight will be greatly appreciated and hopefully put to good use in providing affiliates with their desired ad sizes and types.


    P.S. - We're already signed-up with Shareasale and will be completing our ads and announcing our program next week!

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    At a minimum I like to have a little variety to choose from. Absolutely there should be a text ad and then at 3 other sizes. A full or half banner, a square button or vertical banner and maybe a skyscraper. And please keep them current. I just love go to a merchant site when a sale is supposedly over and the only ads to choose from are of the sale that is now history.

    Well that's what I think


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    I agree with Ron with one addition - individual product links. Give us the tools to build pages with, not just a few banners. Up-to-date DRMS are also one of my favorites.


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    Make it easy to build showcase displays for affiliate sites. The IAB feels bigger is better and like the DMA they endeavor to push ways to offend shoppers while draining advertisers pockets. My advice is to forget any creative banners that doesn't fit in normal HTML formatted pages...120x?? for side bars, 125x125 boxes, several horizontal sixes.

    Above all spend all your efforts on making those creatives arrive on landing pages that convert. Affiliate and shopper friendly landing pages are the key I look for as you and your clients forget we don't get paid to advertise. AM's need to watch the sales meter ...not the traffic meter to judge their programs sustainable growth curve.

    AM's have to get tough with merchant management and demand they have the power to drive SALES. The 2nd tier networks and indy solutions are 100% reliant upon the creativity of their affiliate sales force. You can't ever expect to unleash that creativity unless you have deep linking tools to get at the 10% of any merchants products that generate steady sales.

    If a merchant is more interested in traffic and using diversion/leakage tactics then cutting checks to a loyal resourceful outside sales force, they will never be able to fool the active affiliate to push them. That is why 90% of the AM's just turn to the tricks for clicks and incent BHO crowd keeping their job down to a few hours of actual phone and e-mail work a month. Ask the soon to be unemployed AM of the MicroWarehouse program, or their replaced management, how they let that company get swallowed by a SALES operation like CDW. They both refused to pay affiliates for generating targeted sales traffic. Incent BHO's & tricks for clicks affiliate couponers ran them right into bankrupsy.

    Attend the CJU seminar and you'll see the advertising mindset in full motion. To me the AM is the online sales manager dropping hints to management on how to generate more sales from less traffic by pushing high conversion landing pages. The AM's job gets dicy when merchant's management starts complaining about the number of sales commissions checks being cut each month. Just ask Andy from TigerDirect. He earned the right to tell them to go to hell and wouldn't put up with introducing tactics that would dilute his sales forces efforts.

    Power to the AM's. Their job earning potential is assured if they are responsible for steady SALES GROWTH. Not all merchants or AM's lurking on ABW like what they hear. Huge popularity for programs run as a sales machine ...rather then a eyeball generation machine. Every con-game ever thought up by mankind is available as a affiliate enabled Duper posing as a merchant. Pimping for the Ad whores should not be part of the AM job description.

    Mike & Charlie ...

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    Pop-Ups =


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    I agree with Erninator. Make it EASY to create individual product links (or, better yet, pick them up pre-made). We love text links, too.

    Karl Smith
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    An assortment is nice to have, varying sizes, colors, etc. Please keep them current, and if you find one creative that isn't converting, replace it with something new until it starts to convert.

    Text links are very important as well.

    Please, NO pop ups or pop unders! All you do is irritate people with them. No one likes pop ads!


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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by
    Above all spend all your efforts on making those creatives arrive on landing pages that convert...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Mike is right on target here. It is impossible to stress enough how important good landing pages are. If all your links point to your home page, sales will be disappointing.

    What is a good converting page (in my experience)? It has 3 to 6 products that have historically been strong sellers and that have similar spec (such as 17" LCD monitors). You need at least 3 products so that people feel they have "choice." Never more than 6 products - or they will be overwhelmed and delay their buying decision. At least 2 have to be clear price-performance leaders, but you can throw in 1 or 2 high-margin products for visitors who feel they must buy into "elite" products (and it kicks up your margin too).

    High converting pages also get the customer to commit to that big-ticket item right away. Don't jeopardize the whole sale just to get some additional 49 cent wire ties as an add on. The more steps you put between choosing a product and entering a credit card number, the lower your conversions will be. Side-selling (showing common related products) is OK if the space devoted is not intrusive - but you are much better off putting that related products link on the shopping cart page after the buyer has at least commited enough to add it to their cart.

    If you want sales, affiliate or not, play with the concepts above to create internal landing pages for each category of product you sell. Then, for us affiliates, let us link by text or graphic, to any of your pages: home page, category landing pages, product pages.

    Personally, I really don't care about graphics - I use them to add color to my sites, but that's about it. My favorite is:
    It's the only graphic on any of my sites that actually gets people to click through. Don't ask me why.

    But it's the text ads where I put some work into pre-selling that really convert. As long as you let me write my own text and let me choose any page on your site as a landing page, I can fine tune the message so both of us maximize sales.


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