eBay did not do any reverals this weekend. This left them 5 days behind on reversals and stabalized their falling EPC.

So far they have reversed two days worth of data and have at least 3 days left to reverse.

If my estimates are correct, this will push their daily EPC to below 1/3 of their lowest 12 month EPC.

How can they spin this? Will this effect their million dollar affiliate or will they be the only one that doesn't have a problem?

I hope any sites that rely on eBay revenues have e-mailed CJ with their discontent on this issue.

I'm having direct links including editor kit bids reversed. I do not understand how these bids can be worth $0.

I just don't understand the logic. If someone bids on an item twice from my site then eBay gives me credit for both bids. BUT, if someone happens to stumble over an MSN or Google cookie and bids there and then bids on my site it's considered a duplicate worth $0.

Is this fair?