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    I came across something really weird that inspired me to create this poll. Apparently one of my affiliate partners is targetting a keyword phrase that has nothing to do with the merchant or merchandise but because wordtracker listed it along with another highly popular keyword list. The keyword set has one word that is the same as the popular keyword. So...

    Do you grab the full list of keywords that WordTracker generates and without looking them over create pages for those keywords, or do you look them over first?

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    Out of a big list of possible keywords it's easy to miss an irrelevant phrase or two even with best efforts.

    When that happens to me, I usually end up scrambling for another merchant that can satisfy the demand for that keyword. If you see sections on my sites that all aim at one merchant except for one mystery page, that's what happened--one merchant could provide, say, 99 items, so they have most of the pages. But for the 1 item, I've had to use another merchant.

    It can take awhile for a missed keyword to become obvious from the affiliate side--if it's not drawing enough traffic to mess up the CR it's probably not going to be noticed--so a "heads up" is probably in order.

    Since you mention that it's "one" keyphrase, I'd guess that the aff. did *miss* that being in the list rather than trying to irrelevancy-spam, and will probably want to fix it.

    (Personally I think that those who irrelevancy-spam on purpose (rather than accidentally miss a word or two from a list) are nuts--I've never had traffic convert that came in on an irrelevant term, so to make a whole site of irrelevant terms strikes me as bananas! But when only one or two keys are at issue and the rest of the site is okay, I'd think the presence of the irrelevant phrases is purely accidental.)

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