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    Norton is blocking CJ cookie. This can be easily done because CJ uses the same qksrv server.

    To work around this, CJ can put a redirect file in the merchant site

    and then redirect the hits to this page after the normal qksrv. This script than plant a CJ cookie under the merchant domain. After that it redirect back to the original destination page.

    If there is a sale, the merchant read the cookie (if it exist) and reports to CJ.


    Also, if there are merchants that batch results (which means the merchant is in charge of tracking). Why not have the non-batch merchants has the batch facility so that if there is any untrack sales, it can be credited as well?

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    If the merchant has to report the sales to CJ there would be the same kind of merchant theft that CJ was supposed to prevent. You don't for a minute think all your sales would be reported, do you?

    Good grief, you'd be better off with Norton. Then at least you would get the sales from the non-Norton users.

    Mr.Merchant, if you do business in any way what-so-ever with parasites, your products will not be sold on my sites!!
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    Not to mention that if Norton can rewrite html pages so that links (etc) don't work, a static /cj.php filename would be just as easy to circumvent.

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    I don't mean making a merchant batch transaction BUT instead having both tracking feature available (non-bath + batch). I trust my merchants very well in terms of reporting.

    If a merchant want to cheat, they can do it even if they are non-batching. Because it is still their decision if they want to show the tracking pixel. They can make it show this hour but not another hour.

    The cj.php is just a name I give, every merchant can have different name.

    What I suggest is an added bonus to the current tracking to reduce uncredited sales.

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