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    Moderator MichaelColey's Avatar
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    January 18th, 2005
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    Which network do you prefer, Linkshare or CJ?
    Michael Coley
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    Full Member Gjenvick-Gjønvik's Avatar
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    January 18th, 2005
    I prefer CJ because they handle International merchants and have better reporting capabilities. LinkShare does have some nice marquee merchants that I like.

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    January 18th, 2005
    Los Angeles
    CJ, for consolidated payments.

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    Member greeneyes14j's Avatar
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    January 18th, 2005
    I do like some of the features on linkshare and I wish other networks would incorperate them. Like the dynamic links. It's much easier to use those on coupon and deal sites.

    But the fact that half the products on the merchants sites are not in the product links or that half the product links in for the merchant are out of date really peeves me. And the payment structure, I hate it.

    CJ converts better and I like their product search feature, it's convient and makes it easier to find the merchant with the better price. I also like the consolidated payments.

    So somebody needs to start a network with real time stats like shareasale, product search like CJ(that goes above 1000 results), dynamic links like linkshare, has consolidated payments, pays on time, and better has sales tracking. Then I would be happy. Oh, yes and doesn't charge for datafeeds.

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    Full Member Deb's Avatar
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    January 19th, 2005
    CJ - for consolidated payments, direct deposit, and paying on time.

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    Resident Genius and Staunch Capitalist Leader's Avatar
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    January 18th, 2005
    CJ. Snare, as always, can jump off a pier.

    Even with the "new" (new to THEM ...others have had it for years and years!) consolidated payments, I still don't like them. I don't trust that their consolidated payment would come on time, considering that in many of the slow-payment complaints I've read over the past year or two, people have said that LS ITSELF was who was slow on the ball rather than the merchants!
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    ABW Ambassador Snib's Avatar
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    January 18th, 2005
    I think CJ has a much better program and much more responsive service. I've had issues with them in the past and they're very responsive to emails. I don't think I've ever had LinkShare respond to an email. It's almost as if they don't have people behind their systerm. I'm completely fed up with LinkShare and believe they're guilty of very unfair and unethical business practices. They're lazy and don't care about fixing problems relating to their affiliates. They truely are the worst run affiliate network. Too bad they have a lot of the biggest merchants. I'll be happy when these merchants finally leave Linkshare and either start their own inhouse program or move to a more reputable network. Just look at REI, they jumped ship and are now running on CJ. I'd like to see more of this!!

    - Scott

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    January 18th, 2005
    "They're lazy and don't care about fixing problems relating to their affiliates. They truely are the worst run affiliate network."

    I'll second that. Without a doubt.

    The irony is that if they got their act together (a polite way of saying getting their heads out of their you know what), they could easily be the best.


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    ABW Ambassador Vrindavan's Avatar
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    February 25th, 2003
    cj best overall

    except i don't like they charge affiliate big fee for re-issue a check ( lost in the postal system ? )

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    I like traffic lights
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    January 18th, 2005
    Southern hemisphere - away from Fukushima
    I dont; think I've ever had a merchant at Linkshare that converts very well and the names of their reports are completely confusing to me. Then there's the log-in hassle.

    CJ's interface blows Linkshare completely out of the water.

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    ABW Ambassador Ron Bechdolt's Avatar
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    January 18th, 2005
    Affiliateville, USA

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    Newbie eprussakov's Avatar
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    February 1st, 2005
    St Petersburg, RU / Wilmington, DE
    CJ period (!)

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