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    January 17th, 2005
    Hi everyone

    I run a digital music website.
    Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on which digital music affiliate programs to join under Commission Junction (other than Napster)?

    Gary Hendricks

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    Musicmatch, not really a digital music program, you can dl songs for 99c and cds for 9.99 thru musicmatch just like napster. You get paid if someone pays for the Musicmatch player.

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    Are you only interested in working with a music-based merchant? We have a site where fans can buy & sell tickets: this could be a good fit, as music fans tend to buy concert tickets.

    We pay $12/sale base commission, $15/sale for sales 25-49, and $18/sale for 50+ sales. Our Performance Partners are also rewarded for their work with cash bonuses & incentives of 300% over base. You're welcome to check us out on CJ.

    And by the way, great site. I've been wanting to buy a portable MP3 player (since running w/ a CD player can be kinda awkward) - thanks for the info!


    Jennifer O'Neal
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    $12-$18 per sale / 60 days / No Reversals

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    I've had one lead with the Real Networks program.

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