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    I'd love to have the ability to place a cross-merchant search box on my home page. My visitor would come in, and be able to search for any catgory of merchandise carried by CJ merchants.

    CJ could be the master affiliate on the search box to avoid having the publisher sign up to 1500 merchants individually, and flow through the commissions to the publisher.

    Ignoring the direct affiliate agreement issues for now, do you think this is a good idea?

    Practically, this would be the same as CJ having the search box on their homepage, and we publishers directing traffic to that. (but you lawyers out there are free to disagree with me on the legal technicalities.)


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    I disagree totally, completely and absolutely! Before I send a customer to a cheap greedy merchant paying less than 10% with less than a 30 day cookie and less than unlimited occurences I would much rather send them to one of their competitors on another network or in house.

    The merchants reserve the right to pick and choose affiliates, affiliates should reserve the same right and exercise it. How can we ever maintain any kind of minimum standard or put any pressure on the tightwads with a search box that uses no minimum standard?

    A network that has very few below standard merchants might be suitable for such a search box as long as that few can be maintained but cj is definately not one of em!

    Nothing less than 10% comm, 30 day cookie and unlimited occurences!

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    The cross merchant search box is built into the only totally level playing field network model I outlined here...

    Mike & Charlie ...

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    The cross merchant search box already exists.

    It's right here:

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