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    January 17th, 2005
    Can anyone on this board explain to me why Commission Junction is now in the habit of extending payments each month? I've experienced over the past 4 month an alarming trend of CJ extending payments. Are others experiencing this? Is this a way to spread out their bills? Or are merchants really holding back payment to CJ. This month I have about 6 merchants that have apparently held back a portion of my commissions.

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    weclome Howie...

    I have noticed a lot of funny business with CJ... more then usual over the past few months...

    it could be the new ownership... is protecting themselves against chargebacks...

    I know Clickbank does this..

    I have not seen any formal announcement of this as a new policy...


    And, that's the bottom line because it's my2cents!

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    I think CJ really needs to reconsider the policy of extending credit to merchants. They have a model that works very well (requiring a balance to be maintained). Why are they changing it now?

    Michael Coley

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    To be fair, CJ does not extend payments. But rather, it allows merchants to do so at will. However, I agree with Micahel, this whole policy needs to be reconsidered at this point as it is totall merchant centered and can be done for any reason (or no reason at all).

    As an affiliate, we also have the right to be paid on monthly basis, which nullifies this policy...

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    The thing that gets me is that there don't seem to be any enforceable rules over the merchants who Extend every single payment. You'd think it would send up a red flag to CJ, and that they would not allow a merchant to do this without a justifiable reason.

    I have one merchant that does this every month. None of the sales have ever been reversed, but it sure looks like the merchant just extends the payments so that they can hold on to the commissions I earned for an extra month.

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    Just found a merchant doing this. This is totally unacceptable. CJ is down the tubes entirely as far as I am concerned. Biggest bunch of cr@p on the planet. I can't wait until one merchant leaves (and they say they will) and then I am dropping all CJ merchants and closing my account.

    They are doing everything but standing on their heads and whistling Dixie to see that we don't get paid.

    Mr.Merchant, if you do business in any way what-so-ever with parasites, your products will not be sold on my sites!!
    Affiliates, before you use CJ merchants, Read This! Comments are to be interpreted as opinion unless otherwise noted.

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