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    Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I thought the whole point of Ebay's new Lamma-Lamma Ding-Dong reporting system that was inflicted upon us this past summer was SO THAT THERE WOULDN'T BE REVERSALS ANYMORE!!

    I know I'm sounding like a broken record here, but I saw a 40%+ drop in revenue when Ebay implemented their "new reporting system", despite Ebay telling me "nothing is wrong". My site traffic has almost doubled since then so revenue-wise I'm about back to where my revenue was when that P.O.S. was implemented.

    Now here we [CENSORED] go again. I'm simply tired of being ****ed. Could I at least get a kiss first?

    I drive highly-targeted traffic to them and they turn around and spit on me, perpetually telling my I'm the one that is mistaken.

    I would drop them in a heartbeat, but unfortunately due to the nature of my site there are no alternatives. I just have to sit on the butt plug and enjoy it.


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    January 18th, 2005
    And if you were lucky enough to be above the $5 tier and fall back, you loose 60% commisions too.

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    Dan, what is the nature of your site?
    PM me...

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    I'm certainly not happy about the recent changes at eBay. Up until the last couple of months, things have been pretty good with them. No reversals, decent ratio of registrations that converted to active, etc.

    Now that they are allowing all the scum in, eBay's EPC at CJ has fallen by over 50%, and I'm seeing around a 25% reversal from them as well.

    I am seriously beginning to think that eBay is overwriting affiliate cookies on their own site! It just doesn't make sense that click throughs followed within a couple of minutes by a bid/registration, etc., belong to someone else. I mean, they did register a click on my site, so where is the other cookie getting set in between?

    I think there's some dirty dealing going on with eBay...


    Call the Exterminators! We've Got PARASITES!

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    January 18th, 2005
    I must agree with Danimal.

    Ebay/CJ implemented their "new" system in the beginning of July and we immediately saw a huge drop in our revenues.

    Now the problems persist even further...

    Something smells pretty bad at Ebay.

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