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    I got my URL for my affiliate site but I'm having issues getting the site built mainly it is just taking to much time. Are there any affiliate site programs that you can join that have a site already setup for shopping? Like I have seen many home page affiliate sites.

    Having said that I have a real good URL I think what does everyone think of

    I'm selling if anyone intrested.

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    So which is it, are you wanting advice on starting your site or are you trying to sell your domain?

    If you are serious about needing help, there are all sorts of tools for an affiliate to use, including the Product Showcase Creator, datafeeds, and yes some merchants offer ready made home pages. Your site description sounds like you are reaching a bit high:
    Our goal is to provide the shopper with the very best on-line portal to all their favorite stores using coupon & discount offers. will have exclusive coupon and discount offers that will not be found anywhere else on-line.

    Try narrowing your focus a bit, choose a niche market as opposed to a mall site, since a mall site it too large to operate and update by yourself.

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    far far away....
    I agree with toughturkey,

    having an online mall is a lot of work...

    I know I have one.... You should pick a niche and foucus on that... as time goes on... your business will go and you will add more websites (niches).

    This is when you will want to consider pulling all you websites into a "mall"

    If you do it in the reverse order... you will be to unfocused... to make any money...


    And, that's the bottom line because it's my2cents!

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    Have you been asleep since 1997? How are you going to drive traffic to your "Internet mall?"

    Did you just fork over $495 to an infomercial thinking that you could make a $1M on the Internet?

    OK, I'm being mean - save your time, money, and energy.


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    building a site is the easy part - getting traffic to come to it is a wee bit harder

    "Should I encounter a moment of clarity, I hope to have it recorded in these journals."

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    took me a good six months just to get 400 visits a day....ditto what you said 'web' it's a tricky business this traffic malarky.


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