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    Hi all! Don't know if it's just my computer that can't keep up with all the advances and upgrades being performed at CJ, but it seems to me that after the ValueClick deal CJ is been running not only VERY VERY SLOOOOOOWWWWWWW, but it's down more often than it is actually up?!!!!

    Here we are again...and again...and again...with the errors, booting out, locking up, page load erros, etc., etc., etc...When will they finally get it together??

    Feel free to share your comments and experience here, please...


    fatSOS Outlet

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    I think it's way to early to tell. The problems they're going through right now are a result of a product rollout that I'm sure was underway well before the acquisition. It'll probably take a year or more to see most of what ValueClick brings to the table.

    Michael Coley

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