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    January 17th, 2005
    Just a heads up for anyone that doesnt already know, wonderfulbuys UK Program will be closing down due to non-payment. Some of you will have noticed that wonderfulbuys arent answering posts in their forum here at abw anymore. They are also not answering emails. I'm a little worried at recent posts I've read here lately that cj no longer require merchants to deposit money upfront in an escrow account.

    Dear Affiliate,

    The Wonderful Buys Affiliate Programme will be closed on the 8th March due to
    non-payment of validated commissions. Affiliate Window has done
    everything we can to get Wonderful Buys to settle outstanding invoices and
    continue with their programme. Unfortunately, we have not been successful and the programme will close on 8th March. Please replace all
    existing links as soon as possible as these links will cease to function
    after 8th March. Thank you for your continued support of the Affiliate
    Window Network.

    Looks like they may be about to do a music123.

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    January 18th, 2005
    Yep, looks like everyone is going to get stiffed. Is this commissions from your Christmas sales? If so kiss them goodby and Merry Christmas "suckers".

    Really, I am sorry to read this. You deserve much better.

    What is "Affiliate Window Network."?

    One of the main reasons if not THE main reason that CJ came into existance was that they assured that affiliates would receive payment for All the sales they refered to the merchant.

    CJ no longer serves that function. Now, it appears that all CJ does is tell you what merchants are available; track the sales not intercepted and stolen by other affiliates who they help in stealing your sales; and send you a check for whatever is left if and when the merchant decides they want to pay you. Don't expect more and you won't be disappointed.

    Mr.Merchant, if you do business in any way what-so-ever with parasites, your products will not be sold on my sites!!
    Affiliates, before you use CJ merchants, Read This! Comments are to be interpreted as opinion unless otherwise noted.

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    That's a little harsh about CJ, ssanf. CJ has made some mistakes in the past, perhaps, things that we, as affiliates, might not agree with, but overall they have many profitable programs and they do keep the more obvious cheaters in check.

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    "What is "Affiliate Window Network."?"
    SSanf, Affiliate Window Network is not CJ, it's a UK based affiliate network just like CJ, but it is not related to CJ in any way.

    Enlightened Affiliate looking for merchants with datafeeds/low reversals/great CR/no parasites.

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    Windy_Miller and Ssanf:

    I hadn't heard that CJ is not requiring merchants to place money into an escrow account, and I don't believe it's true. For what it's worth, I know that the programs I manage via CJ all require funds in escrow. If the funds drop below $500, I begin receiving email alerts, and if the account isn't funded within a certain period of days (7-10, I think) the program is deactivated until funds are made available.

    Chris Park
    Affiliate/Partnership Manager

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    Ditto what Chris said. CJ is very strict with the escrow balance and they deactivate advertisers all the time for $0 balances. In rare circumstances where the escrow payments are sent to CJ by check, do they let the account stand a bit longer.

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    CJ allows SOME merchants to not have an escrow account. was one merchant who was extended credit by CJ rather than requiring an escrow, and that situation turned around and bit CJ and their affiliates.

    I think that option should be eliminated. If a merchant wants credit, there are plenty of other networks to choose from. If they want to be a CJ merchant, they should be required to maintain the escrow account.

    Michael Coley

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    If a merchant wants credit, there are plenty of other networks to choose from.
    If a merchant wants credit get a loan the bank.

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    It must be different for all the merchants. KB Toys didn't have to pay. Pacsun has been on the extended due to non-payment list all year. And then there are some who apparently only get 7-10 days to replenish escrow.

    I wish I were informed who pays ahead before I sign up. And the merchants doing that should ask for that too (so they would be getting something out of paying ahead).

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    Affiliate Window Network

    Is a good program if you are ever interested is working it you would be very impressed.

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