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    Has anyone else noticed that when CJ does "housecleaning" to capture clicks & impressions that for some reason were never reported, the same thing happens on beFree and Performics the same day? There's been some housecleaning by all 3 on the same day at least twice this month and yesterday appears to have been a housecleaning day once again. I can see it happening with Cj and BF on the same day because of the merger, but not with Performics also.

    Leads me to believe that either a 3rd party is running a single system for all 3, or that CJ is possibly running beFree's and Performic's databases.

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    All three are pawns to the wishes of the IAB/DMA members desire for better pilfering techniques of their clients Ad budgets. Data mining and BHO interfacing is a common goal for these three to fine tune the fencing fees for the mass advertising Dupers.

    All three are totally silent on curbing the hidden cookie stuffers afraid this sleezy activity with alert the merchant's real management. Looks like the ABW Linkshare merchants are not about to let LS get away with silence.

    Mike & Charlie ...

    "Payment is one option that isn't negotiable. Merchants require it for purchases ...SO DO WE."

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