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    So I'm looking for products ... found one that I liked and then while looking at the product on the advertiser's site (not the product link in CJ), I see this "NOTE: This item cannot be purchased online."

    May I say, SHEESH!

    Thank you for listening.

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    i've come to realise very recently that the absolute #1 annoyance is merchant ignorance and not necessarily merchant fraud as i previously belived so this would probably be a good topic to advise advertisers about what they could do to harmonize relations with their publisher partners, i assumed that was what this topic was about anyway judging by its title

    these are my top grievances

    #0 failure of advertisers to accept that affiliates are their buisiness partners

    #1 failure to communicate with affiliates, not answering emails puts a stop to a prosperous relationship from the outset and simply convinces affiliates that any problems are the result of merchant fraud

    #2 ignorance, failure to take the time to learn how to use the functionality of the website and failure no realise that there may me a problem due to failing to answer or even read publisher emails

    #3 reversals and zero sales, though i understand that a zero sale can be the result of an advertiser free give away promotion, i dont do "free" and see no reason for such an offer having to go through a shopping cart
    as for reversals that whole thing has got to stop, obviously there are valid reasons for reversals but as big chuck stated here

    "When I buy something on the web, and my credit card number is incorrect, I don't get to follow through with the purchase."

    invald CC should never be a reason for a reversal

    #4 cookie duration, keep that cookie duration UP, surely advertisers realise when they sign with that they are expected to pay commisions on all purchases that came through an affiliate link and there should be no attempt to get around this since any buisiness person would have calculated this cost into their pricing policy, reducing cookie durations is not seen by affiliates as streamlining it is seen as fiddling publishers who work hard driving sales to the advertiser

    #5 "commision rate changed" for advertisers who have a healthy EPC and are obviously doing well reducing commissions is a dire way to thank publishers for their efforts

    #6 advertisers that make users/shoppers jump through hoops before publishers can earn a commisssion have no place in the new world order of the open market place, if a user gives an advertiser their email address it is a lead, not 20 email address's not 40, just one

    i could go on but i think i'll give someone else a chance [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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    A lot of those go way beyond annoyance.

    As for reversal reasons, DEATH to "Sold Out/Can't Ship"!!!!! If something isn't in stock, the merchant's site shouldn't be showing it. If it goes out of stock too suddenly/it'd be a technical nightmare/etc. to just disappear the product from the site, a SOLD OUT seal should AUTOMATICALLY plaster itself over the product description so people aren't trying to buy it!

    This is my A#1 most hated reversal reason. Right next to it is "Other". A place can be more creative than THAT!

    But onto things that are of a more Annoying nature:

    #1 E-mails. Too many e-mails, that is! Whether it's incessant "newsletters" that come 3 times a day like that Paul Burke crap, or multiple-instance spamorama from merchants hoping I'll touch their junk, these places should be limited to sending only one a month. I don't mean a contract limitation, either--I'm talking technically impossible, at least with the CJ system!

    This does not apply to instances of ONE e-mail about a program I'm not in. Those can be worth reading... It's when I get 4 or 5 over a period of 4 days that it's BS--and almost a sure sign of Desperation on the merchant's part! The program must be really lousy for them to have to beg for affiliates THAT much!!!

    #2. Selling out of stuff and not updating the product links. Or making other changes to the offering a product link goes to.

    #3. Merchants who only fork out some new banners in January.

    #4. Merchants who don't even bother with THAT! Some of the banners I'm running have cobwebs on 'em...

    #5. Assuming only one kind of site can sell their stuff. (DUH!)

    #6. Being more concerned with the design of a site than its EPC (DUH!)!

    #7. Waiting until a whole month has passed and then sneaking in at 1AM Eastern and pulling Reversals. Too bad for them that I'm awake then!

    #8. The Sunday, late-night (after midnight) "Commission Rates Have Been Changed" gambit. Hint, merchants--people are in the WORST mood on Monday morning and timing that notice to be seen then is SUICIDE!

    #9. Slower than molasses approvals. And to add to the annoyance, e-mails telling you to "get your links up" 2 days after the approval--the approval you waited 2 MONTHS for! And repeat e-mails of the same thrust! Argh!

    #10. Merchants who sign up with CJ now (November) and expect anyone to be able to do squat for selling their stuff at Christmas. If it's not up by now, it's probably too late! Customers stop buying earlier than in the Phys. because of the shipping delays. Take off another week to get the paid listings in for a new item and that leaves an itsy-bitsy window of a couple of weeks of sales time for a new item! Oooh! What an "opportunity"!

    #11. Merchants who think any old crap will sell because Christmas is coming. DUH, nobody gives car insurance (or similar boring, non-gifty stuff) as a present!

    #12. Forgetting that I'm NOT their employee. Whether it's by their general attitude, or in the gallous issuing of "directives", or trying to call me part of their team, or, worse yet, their CREW! This is a FATAL MISTAKE for any merchant, regardless of size! If I catch it in their merchant detail, I won't ever sign up in the first place. If it comes out later, I'll dump 'em. Usually the paid listings aren't even up before one of these jack***es gives him/herself away as a person with Employer Delusions.

    Of course, there are lots more things that could be mentioned...but these are some of the most annoying!

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    Number one gripe is that merchants seem to think we should be able to pre-sale their junk so effectively for them that their own site doesn't matter and they just throw something up there with no thought or salesmanship devoted to it. When I look at a site, if it doesn't sell me, why should I think it would sale my viewers. You can pre-sale your heart out and the merchant's site is so crappy that people just click away. These atrocities are compounded ten fold if you use one of the banners provided.

    If they don't have the know-how or time to create an effective site they should stay off the internet and grab some more bricks and mortar.

    Second gripe is banners that load so slowly that I have to redesign them and optimize them and serve them myself from my godawful server to have any chance that someone will stick around long enough to see them.

    Second gripe is banners that focus on the merchant website address, apparently hoping that people will bypass clicking on them and just type the URL into the browser. I redesign those and wipe out their URL. Up theirs.

    Beyond dumb. :mad:

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    You can pre-sale your heart out and the merchant's site is so crappy that people just click away.

    Right on, I feel it our job as advertisers to get people to the merchants sites and it is there job to sell. Then they have the nerve to say we havn't done a good job of preselling and drop us. Well dop this you sob.

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    lol... so much to learn...

    My new favorite annoyance -- merchants who announce one-day specials the evening before the special.

    As if we will drop everything to "promote" the special ... a special that will be over before we can get the links up...

    Makes one wonder if these people have ANY marketing experience at all... no no, makes one pretty sure they don't.

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    My worst annoyance: merchants who automatically reject my affiliate application because I live in Canada, and "they only ship to US customers."

    What matters is not where the site owner lives, what matters is where the CUSTOMERS live.

    Elisabeth Archambault

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    I know most marchants are just plain ignorant when it comes to the net...but they
    can learn if someone will tell them what to do.

    My biggest all time complaint next to not getting paid is that CJ, Snare, BeFree etc DO NOT TELL THEM exactly what to do to make money and then not cancel them if they do not comply.

    It's amazing that merchants are so dumb as to pay thousands of dollars for webdesign, servers and such and not know jack about how to sell on the net and no even try to learn.

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