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    I don't have any product links yet, but when someone clicks on a text or banner link and then makes a purchase, how can your tell what item they purchased? Is emailing the merchant and giving them the transaction number the only way to find out? Are most merchants willing or able to give this information? It would help in determining which products my visitors are most interested in and then selecting product links for those types of products.

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    It's a pain on every program but Linkshare (where they have a separate report showing which items were sold). On the other programs, you have to e-mail the merchant and ask them to run a list of the purchases. My experience is that you never get the list.

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    About the only time I can tell which item was purchased with a non-product link at CJ is if I recognize the price. If a certain price keeps coming up again and again, sometimes it's worth it to hound it out on the Merchant's site. But if they have a lot of same-priced items, you're outta luck. But some of the smaller merchants only have one or two things at the same price.

    Usually my best bet is to look at my log files and see what terms people are reaching the page with. That can be the best clue of all, short of an actual list.

    Even product links aren't a foolproof way to tell, btw--sometimes a person will click one and then buy something totally different!

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