Spring is here and it's time to clean house. What a job.

I have finished revamping 5 of 20 specific webpages so far.
Income has jumped $2 to $5 per day per page...yehaa.

Here's what I did. I went the networks I deal with and checked
the EPC for each merchant. Every merchant who had an 3 month
average of less than 10 cents got their link erased from my
keyword specific pages with ONE exception - they had a 9 cent EPC.

Since it costs 10 cents to buy a click on Overture, I figured that
if the merchant wasn't paying their average affiliate at least that
they are NOT a good enough converter to be on my pages.

I redesigned the pages so that there are no more than 3 links viewable
in the inital landing screen, the merchant link and presell, adsense and either a search box or an alternate merchant link.

Adsense CTR went up 5% to 10% as far as I can tell...and my income is
not dependent on the vagaries of actual sales...and guess what sales
are still coming in from the merchants who have proven to convert.

More money is always good.