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    how does this site make money from

    they are featured on as a publisher success story
    but i cant see a qksrv link in site

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    In their media displays is where I found CJ merchants. While you are watching TV (real video) at thier site there are 120x60 banners to the left and right. They are not the first I've seen do this. does it too. Here is the link to the video display I saw the video with CJ merchant banners. I hope I did this right - lol!

    Commission Junction has enabled eUniverse to offer instant shopping with individual products, ads and links in and around the content on its sites, creating a powerful impulse to buy for the visitors of its Web sites.

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    hi chuck

    wow your site get tons traffic from congratulation!!!!!

    [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]

    just ask about magellan. are they good sales conversion?

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    actually, Google has Yahoo blown away as far as my traffic is concerned, but yes, I get traffic from yahoo too. I am expecting a lot more traffic this next Google index - keep yer fingers crossed! I have about 90-100 pages (I'm losing count - lol) between this site and another site of mine I am looking forward to seeing in the new index - I hope. I am hoping to see my traffic triple. :cool:

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    90-100 pages already?! You must have been typing like a machine...

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