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    Which are good perfume merchants at Cj? I am evaluating Perfeume Emporium, PerfumeMart, and WHich of the 3 is better? I am planning to use PerfumeMart because they have product links while the other 2 doesn't. But their website looks cheapy, so does PerfumeMart convert well for you guys? Thanks and it's nice to be back with esp. thanks to ELisabeth [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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    New York



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    Hi & welcome to ABW!

    BTW, there was a duplicate of this topic (0 replies) so I deleted it.

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    Strawberrynet is my second best performing merchant but I've never pushed the perfume aspect.

    I'm trying out Perfume Emporium but at one sale every 90 click thoughs I think I'll send their traffic to Strawberrynet too. Strawberrynet has a weird looking site with a huge range of languages and they deliver cosmetics anywhere. I've only had one sale reversed.

    They try to be helpful if you email them, but I've a feeling English isn't their first language [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]


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    perfumemart, perfumes america, [erfumes america are not bad . I've made sales with them all, habe to wait for some time before i see sales from

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    Hi, although I use Perfumemart and pushed them harder than strawberrynet, I've only had sales with strawberrynet.

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    Strawberrynet is definitely not good merchant
    Stay out of the
    They use similar scenario with many customers. I suppose they decided to send some shipment to have some positive feedback but many customers will definitely (and did) have terrible experience.
    Like many others, I purchased perfume, paid, and then they started with their game.
    Asked me to verify my identity by sending them security code from the back of my credit card. After a little thinking I sent them the number. They said they received Info from the bank it does not match (nonsense) and asked me to send them copy of any bill or to copy and fax my credit card. I sent my telephone bill (sccaned).
    Today I received mail from them saying They cancelled my order like I request.
    I discovered that reserved money for that purchase was just transferred on their account.
    Now, they will wait for months before they give me back my money or they are not going to give the money back anymore.

    My advice> Stay away from them, since you do not know will they pick you up to play game or you will be the lucky one that will receive the order without problem.
    Greetings and Good luck

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    Oldest thread bump in ABW history? Are you an affiliate too?

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