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    Even though I have been an affiliate w/ CJ for awhile, I never looked at the smartzone option. It looks like its great! A real convenience. But is there a bad side to it? Also, for products, most only show a picture without text. Is there a way to get both a picture and the related product description (text) to show?
    Thanks for any feedback. leeann
    (ps - I did try to do a search first (as recommended in a previous post of mine, but it doesn't seem to be working. Hope this isn't something that has been covered a zillion times.)

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    I like smart zones. I use them for serving banners. It's easy to swap in promotions as they become available, and it's easy to swap them out when they end. I also use smart zones to serve ads for AdSense defaults, which is a handy thing.

    I haven't experienced a 'down side' to using them. No, you can't do text with a banner ad or product image. Althought that would be a nice feature, <hint, hint>.

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